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Real Reviews of O2F

Thank you so much!!!  Great service, I will definitely go through you in the future, and also recommend you to all of my friends!! Stay warm up there!! Dan

This Climate jacket is pricey but if your an avid ice fisherman and want complete protection from the elements look no further. It kept me warm in Wyoming in below zero temps all day. The added floatation is a nice addition as well.

These coats rock thinking about ordering one more this season. Almost to nice to fish in.

I received the Striker Hardwater jacket Saturday and everything looks great.  Thanks again for the great customer service. Matt

Awesome . . . the reviews are spot on . . . fast and efficient!!!
Thank you so much!!

Thanks so much for all you did to get us this coat. It is perfect. It was for our
grandson. He is 6’3″. The guys leave on an ice fishing trip tomorrow so happy it came today. We thank you very much for your help in finding him this coat. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. We will definitely keep your name and number for future purchases.
Happy New Year,
Lyn and Dave

Hi Carol. I received the Striker Ice climate jacket, bibs and gloves. Can’t wait to get out on the lake. I am very impressed with the quality.
Thanks again for your help. 

Regards, Dave.


Carol was exceptional helping me with my 2 orders this season. She provide the advice I needed and was willing to work with me despite my indecisions.


I did check out the striker suits that you mentioned through the link you sent (thank you), but according to that, the hardwater jacket was out of stock. I did see you had the bibs available.  I have already ordered another suit. Let me tell ya, it sure was difficult trying to find anything in an XL. I really appreciate you trying to help by finding other suits. I was pushing my luck by waiting till now to find one before next weekend!  Thanks again for the extra effort and I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the future.


Got the 4XL bibs for my son  He loves them!!!!  Thanks a bunch!!!


Paul and I want to thank you so much for your persistence in helping us with our ice fishing suit.  It is not very often that an internet site takes an interest in pursuing their customers’ problems to this extent.  We will certainly use your site again and recommend it to others.


Excellent Service! I ordered a Striker Ice Hardwater Suit for a Birthday Present, and this friendly and courteous retailer heard my plea of it’s importance of coming before The Big Day, found the sizes I needed, and ensured that it arrived with a few days to spare! My friend is facing an epic Birthday and I can’t wait to give it to him, AND to place another order for my own Striker Ice Hardwater Suit!


Simply put, I got the same personalized, friendly, and sincere service from this retailer that I get when I go to my local General Store here in Vermont. Big Fish Ahead! The Best Is Yet To Come!

A letter to Striker Ice . . . I am a new customer of yours. I researched ice fishing suites for weeks and just placed my order for Climate Bibs and Pants. I am really looking forward to receiving me order and especially trying me new gear out this winter!

I wanted to give you some feedback on two of your distributors. I researched your distributors for clearances from last year to hopefully get a great deal. My last search was on eBay since I had no luck with your distributors through their store sites. I came across 4 x-large jackets which really surprised me. After looking closer at the eBay listing I noticed the Red Rock Wilderness Store name on the listing even though they are placing their auctions under a different name. I was aware of Red Rock because I just called them a few days prior for pricing and availability.

I was so surprised by this auction having my size for such a low price I decided to call Red Rock to make sure I was going to receive this product for the low $170.94 price. The salesperson was the same person I talked to a few days earlier and he told me he is not familiar with what their store does on eBay because someone else is in charge of that. He told me go for it for that price so I did. I received an email two days later saying, “sorry we messed up and the x-larges were just sold over the weekend”, which didn’t sound right to me. I called them and the person that was responsible for eBay auctions told me stuff like this happens and we credited you your money back. Well, I thought that was so kind of them. I told them to do the right thing and sell me the jacket for their listed price and she told me she couldn’t do that. I again told her to do the right thing and this time she had a new excuse. She told me your company won’t sell to them any longer and she isn’t sure why, so there was no way for her to sell the jacket to me. This sounded very suspicious so I emailed the store telling them they were about to get a horrible review on eBay and I am going to contact Striker to see if they were being truthful.

Within one hour I received an email saying they will now honor the $170 price but they aren’t getting any Striker Suites until mid-November. Hmmm… an hour ago they no longer sold your product and now they are back in business with Striker just an hour later after I told them I was contacting you. Poorly managed and dishonest distributors like this tarnishes your company’s reputation and I thought you should be aware of this.

I decided to do business with Carol at Fishy Gifts/Outfit2Fish and that experience was a very pleasant experience! Carol made an error with the pricing she originally quotes me on the phone and told me she would send an invoice to me by email for me to review. I received an email saying she quoted me the wrong prices but will honor them without me even asking her. She was so nice to do business with and I will send all my friends her way. This is the type of distributor that keeps customers coming back! I just wanted you to be aware of my experiences with purchasing your products.